THE Colfax Strong Strength and Conditioning STORY

Founders of Colfax Strong

Chad & Esther Pinther, CF-L2, USAW-1 - OWNERS

Chad and Esther Pinther are husband and wife owners of Colfax Strong. Our story began with two like-minded souls with a shared passion for fitness and health and helping others achieve their very best. Chad was a track & field and wrestling athlete and has been an international fashion and fitness model for over 20 years. Esther is a lifetime athlete herself, having competed as a level 10 gymnast and as a swimmer at the Olympic trials in butterfly.

Esther and Chad started on their path of wanting to open a Strength & Conditioning Gym in 2018 when they opened their first gym in their garage. They quickly outgrew this location and started looking for a larger place and this led to their purchase of Colfax Strong. Fast forward 2 years, with many ups and downs including the pandemic, and they have built a community of 150+ humble, hungry, and happy people whose lives Chad and Esther and their exceptional coaching staff work tirelessly to improve their health, happiness, and fitness.

OUR coaches

Roman Wagner

CF L-2 certified, B.S. Exercise Science w/ strength and conditioning minor, CrossFit Gymnastics Course certified

Roman's Crossfit journey began in 2014 when his friend asked him to jump in for a workout at a local CrossFit gym. This experience was so impactful that it left him wondering if he was actually fit at all. From that moment, he was hooked and dove straight into the world of CrossFit.

Two years later he obtained his CF-L1 to see what the world of CrossFit coaching could offer. This experience was life changing and made him realize his passion for sharing this knowledge with others. Roman’s passion for coaching stems from three basic principles. First, his love for fitness. Wholeheartedly, Roman holds that fitness is immensely beneficial in all facets of life, whether it be mental, social, and emotional well-being or physical health and longevity. Secondly, is his love for teaching. Helping others learn what their bodies and minds are capable of doing, and having the ability to watch members learn and grow is an infinitely rewarding feeling that Roman strives for in each class he coaches. Lastly, is his for the community. From the day he started CrossFit, Roman experienced such an abundance of warmth, acceptance and belonging and desires to have every athlete that he coaches feel the same way!

Robert Garcia

CF-L2, Opex Fitness

Robert's passion for coaching started after his first year of college football at Metro State. He started his CrossFit journey by receiving a degree in personal training and an internship at a local CrossFit gym. CrossFit was love at first sight for Robert.

After his internship, Robert pursued a coaching career in CrossFit and eventually opened up a gym with a few fellow members. Robert is constantly educating himself and has obtained his Crossfit level 1 & 2 and recently his Opex Fitness certification. Robert’s passion for fitness and helping others can be seen while he is coaching classes or or crushing it on the competition floor. Robert is a welcoming, non-judgmental and passionate coach who loves to change people’s lives through fitness and friendships!

Nick Law-Yue

CF-L1 Trainer
Barbell Strength Coach

Nick started his fitness journey at a young age through his love for martial arts and the art of Chinese Lion Dancing. Through this he realized that through movement one could reap benefits far beyond just the physical.

Inclined to help others experience the same benefits, he enrolled in the Focus Personal Training Institute in New York to begin his career as a personal trainer where he specialized in barbell strength and powerlifting. Shortly thereafter, Nick discovered CrossFit and was immediately drawn in by the sense of community and all encompassing approach to fitness it offered and hasn’t looked back! Nick loves using his unique skill set to help guide athletes on their own fitness journey to become the best version of themselves!

Cole Crisco


Cole's fitness journey started from a very early age where he grew up around the Army and his father would have him regularly complete the Army Physical Fitness Test against his soldiers. It was here he realized his competitive spirit and love of fitness.

Ever since, he’s been participating in sports, races, and competitions which led to the discovery of Crossfit in 2010. Cole spent the next few years learning and improving his overall knowledge of fitness and found his love for coaching. The last 4 years Cole has coached in H.I.I.T, CrossFit and Personal Training gyms before finding his way to Colfax Strong. Cole is an Afghanistan Combat Veteran and currently serves in the Colorado National Guard and is a regular competitor in the tactical games.

Cole’s goal with coaching is to help other athletes find their self imposed breaking point and give them the tools to push beyond their limits. Once you realize you are stronger, faster, and mentally tougher than you previously thought, then you can become unstoppable in all facets of life!


Amanda Strommen

Running Coach
UESCA Certified Running Coach

Amanda is a certified running coach through United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy (UESCA). She formally started run coaching and founded Mountain Mindset Endurance Run Coaching LLC in 2020 to share her knowledge and passion for running with others.

Growing up, Amanda spent most of her free time in the gym training as a competitive gymnast. Her athletic focus as a young adult transitioned to endurance running, Ironman triathlon, and in recent years, ultra trail running. She ran the Boston Marathon twice, completed 3 full Ironman triathlons, and her most memorable athletic pursuit was finishing the Leadville Trail 100 mile run.

Running has shaped Amanda’s lifestyle, and enriched all aspects of her life. Her passion for coaching is rooted in helping others reach goals that are beyond their perceived limits and finding joy and fulfillment through running!

Caela Stenske

Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach

Caela achieved her B.S. in Human Biology with an emphasis in Nutritional Science and Dietetics. She went on to complete her dietetic internship through UW-Green Bay and earned her credential as a Registered Dietitian.

Her college and professional experience includes serving nutrition education to communities of all ages, coordinating health and wellness events, and providing medical nutrition therapy to individuals recovering from serious illness, injuries, or surgery and individuals with chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease. She has also been through her own weight loss journey, and her passion is helping others find happiness through fitness, self-love, and a healthy relationship with food!

Emma Wilbourn

RYT 500, E-RYT 200

Emma specializes in Vinyasa Flow, Functional Posture Alignment, and Injury Management within a physical yoga practice. Emma has over 500 yoga teacher training hours and has taught thousands of yoga classes to diverse levels of practitioners.

Emma believes in teaching the most up-to-date physical technique and cueing. Emma’s classes help the practitioner to become more aware of the alignment and movements within their body while keeping breath safe. Emma’s goal is to blend the wisdom of the traditional yoga practices and postures with the modern movement of yoga to create a space for all practitioners to grow physically and mentally. In Emma’s classes expect focus on breath, safe strong full-body movements, sweat, and possibly a laugh or two!

Anna Hudson

Client Success Manager

Anna is our client success manager and she's here to celebrate and take care of the members of Colfax Strong! Anna first joined a CrossFit gym in 2013 when a coworker asked if she would do a fundamentals course with her and then the coworker didn't show up.

The functional movement and new experience with lifting prompted Anna to join, but the community and physical and mental gains she experienced got her hooked. Her favorite thing about CrossFit is both its accessibility/scalability for anyone at any fitness level and how movements and workouts can always be increased in difficulty; there’s always progress to be made! Anna joined Colfax Strong as a member in 2020 and she loves the community here and is excited about the opportunity to help impact it!

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